When will the National Madness End?

When will this violence and conflict end? Is the Capitol takeover the beginning or the end? Sadly it just may be the beginning.

From 1968 to 1998, Northern Ireland went through called "The Troubles." https://www.britannica.com/event/The-Troubles-Northern-Ireland-history The Troubles was about two different world views of the future, not unlike what we have today in the US.

On one side was were the Catholics and the other side Protestants, but that is too simplistic. The 30-year conflict was a political war that turned deadly through the attacks used by the groups involved. Pipe bombs, the killing of protestors, the killing of key leaders, kidnapping, and the killing of innocent bystanders rocked Northern Ireland and Great Britain. It ended when people were tired of the killing and the conflict.

I suspect we will see similar tactics from white supremacists, anarchists funded by the rich and foreign governments. Where you live and work will depend on if you are directly affected. George Floyd died on May 25, 2020. I will be cautious that day. There will be bad apples trying to restart the destruction. I also believe the 4th of July is another significant date ripe for violence. Domestic terrorism is the most dangerous enemy of the United States.

The order they seek is one where white males rule the country under a monarch named Donald Trump. The uber-rich want an oligarchic state, one in which a small group of people will control our country's politics and economics. This is Why Trump and his friends like Putin so much. All the wealth is in a few hands, and the average person is in servitude.

Add in the Coronavirus and some States and millions of people denying its existence; our fear multiplies. It is a very dangerous time in which we live.

I am optimistic. I believe coming events will turn the corner on the madness and make life easier for all of us.

What signposts should we seek?

We need to tame the Covid 19 virus. Vaccines, social distancing, and masks will go a long way to rendering the virus less deadly. To do that, we need massive intervention by the Federal government to deliver the virus and provide downstream funding for State and Local governments to become partners in this endeavor. The sooner this happens, the less dangerous our world becomes.

We need economic support for families and small businesses. The American economy is a consumer economy. Small businesses will prosper when people can afford to purchase goods and services. A large influx of money to small businesses and average Americans will help jump-start our economy. If these two things happen, jobs will become available, reducing unemployment, which will defuse people's anger and frustration.

Anarchists, White supremacists, and Trumpers can only thrive when there is chaos. If jobs are plentiful, people have money, and the virus is under control, people will feel a sense of hope. The Trump coalition will be choked off the fuel it needs, a dissatisfied population.

The vaccine is here, and more is coming. If we impress our leaders that small businesses and the middle and lower class need relief, we will see jobs return. The lower and middle class will stabilize our economy and go a long way to ending the madness.