I Am Over 2020

To hell with 2020. I am leaving 2020 right now. Sure it is December 17, but who cares if I tear up the calendar for the rest of the year. I don't care what the calendar makers think. 2020 was a shitty year. In fact, I think history books should omit 2020 from their year in review.

Unfortunately, we need 2020 in our lives. As a country, 2020 taught us that shit happens, and it happens to us. In the past, America has been insulated from many of the challenges countries around the world encounter. Covid 19 and incompetent leadership has made 2020 more deadly and economically costly than any other time in America's history.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

The biggest loss is the hundreds of thousands of lives lost due to the pandemic. Over one million if you consider the entire world. Millions of lives have been uprooted, and countless tears shed, Millions of dollars lost, businesses and lives destroyed.

We must never forget because those on the bottom of the economic scale paid with their lives because they had no choice. Countless first responders who doctored nursed, and managed Covid patients lost their lives in service to others. Millions were deluded into thinking the virus was a hoax until it ravaged their community. For all these reasons and more, we must remember lest we repeat history.

To remember those who have died and those who are sick, we must become a country that is united. Our communities must face their fears and learn to trust their neighbors again. We must come together as all God's people full of color, languages, and different cultures. The bridge is our humanity. If we can come together as human beings doing good things for one another, we will thrive! The possibilities are endless!!!!!